CURRENT: Torres – “Sprinter”

The title-track from Torres’ second LP is among the most sonically upbeat songs in Torres’ growing discography, featuring a riff that recalls “Dani California”‘s recalling of “Mary Jane’s Last Dance.” When she reaches the chorus, Torres slowly delivers her words: “I was a sprinter then,” reiterating her slower approach now. The washed out, electric second half is punctuated by one of Torres’ best moments to date. She quietly sings, “there’s freedom to, and freedom from / freedom to run from everyone,” before confessing to running away from things in her own life, and hoping to right any wrongs. Life’s a marathon, not a sprint.


CURRENT: Torres – “Strange Hellos”

Torres burst onto the scene in the dead of winter 2013 with the stunning “Honey” and her debut self-titled LP. Her return has been much anticipated around this corner of the internet, and the first taste of Sprinter (out 5 May via Partisan) is cause for much celebration.

What begins barren and sparse transforms into a live-wire, shooting sparks in every direction. The song is bigger, darker, stronger than anything on her stunning debut, showing us an artist growing up in front of our eyes. As the song reaches its peak, MacKenzie Scott growls, “I was all for being real, but If I don’t believe, then no one will / What’s mine isn’t really yours, but I hope you find what you’re looking for.” We’ve all had to fake it at some point, and soon enough we’ll all reach a breaking point. Consider “Strange Hellos” Scott’s attempt to build herself back together.