CURRENT: Modest Mouse – “The Ground Walks, with Time in a Box”

At the rate they’re releasing new tracks, there won’t be anything new left to hear when Modest Mouse finally drops Strangers To Ourselves on 17 March. That’s a problem we’ll come to at a later time, but for now, I’ll be too busy dancing to their most recent teaser, “The Ground Walks, with Time in a Box”. While previous releases “Lampshades on Fire”, “Coyotes”, and “The Best Room” featured the band working well within the lane they helped construct, “The Ground Walks” finds the band going for something bigger, as much as it does harken back to their past discography. After an eight year hiatus, Isaac Brock and company know well enough that the ground, and time, waits for no one. Thankfully, they still have a lot left to say.


CURRENT: Modest Mouse – “Lampshades on Fire”


Modest Mouse’s 2009 rarities compilation No One’s First, and Your Next at the time seemed to be the final statement from Isaac Brock and the rest of the Washington state group. Thankfully, the band spent the five years between releases on the road and in the studio. The fruit of their labor is beginning to bear itself, as “Lampshades on Fire” marks the welcome return of the group.

The peppiness of previous lead singles “Dashboard” and “Float On” is still present, but its tempered with some musical choices that harken back to The Moon & Antarctica and the rest of their back catalog. By the time the final chorus kicks in with a hodgepodge of disparate parts, it becomes clear why we missed the band so much in the first place.

Strangers to Ourselves is out 3 March 2015. Stream the track over at The Current before it’s release tomorrow.