CURRENT: Leon Bridges – “Better Man (Remix)” [ft. Bun B]


Leon Bridges released his debut album Coming Home not long ago, and this week the soul singer released a mixtape featuring reworks of Home tracks such as “Smooth Sailin’,” “River” and “Coming Home.” An early highlight is the Chi Duly remix of “Better Man,” complimented by a verse from fellow Texan Bun B. Chi deftly bridges the gap between Bridges’ rock and soul influences and Houston rap. B’s verse is inspired and refreshing as the rap legend dives headfirst in adding his personal touch to the original’s theme. Leon Bridges, welcome home.

Coming Home To Texas is yours if you can spare a few MB’s of space on your hard drive.


CURRENT: Leon Bridges – “Coming Home”

There’s nothing necessarily new about “Coming Home,” one of two songs Leon Bridges uploaded to Soundcloud recently. The song takes its cues from the likes of Sam Cooke and Jackie Wilson, and there’s a hint of current day artists such as Alabama Shakes and Michael Kiwanuka. But it’s the assured quality of “Home” that makes it resonate, with Bridges mending the gap between the past and present. You don’t always have to re-invent the wheel. Sometimes, it’s nice to just remember how it all began.