AUGUSTSONGS Autre Ne Veut, “World War Pt. 2” 2. Beach House, “PPP” 3. Carly Rae Jepsen, “Boy Problems” 4. Chance The Rapper & Lil B, “Amen” 5. Chance The Rapper, “Israel (Sparring)” [ft. Noname Gypsy] Advertisements

CURRENT: Autre Ne Veut – “World War Pt. 2”

As underground R&B came into prominence with artists ranging from Frank Ocean to James Black to the Weeknd to Miguel, perhaps none feel as vulnerable on record as Arthur Ashin, recording as Autre Ne Veut. His wonderful 2013 album Anxiety was defiantly maximalist whereas his contemporaries were burrowing inward. On “World War Pt. 2,” the first […]

CURRENT: Autre Ne Veut & Fennesz – “Alive”

This has been the year wherein Autre Ne Veut went from relatively unknown to artist you need to know, with his excellent Anxiety LP still standing tall among this year’s biggest releases, along with great one-off singles such as “On And On” and his Flume remix of “Space Cadet.” Now Autre Ne Veut, in collaboration with […]

CURRENT: Flume – “Space Cadet” (feat. Autre Ne Veut & Ghostface Killah)

  Flume is set to release the deluxe edition of his 2013 self-titled debut on 12 November (via Mom+Pop), featuring a mixtape of remixes of some of Flume‘s album tracks. Today, he released a teaser from the album in the form of a remixed “Space Cadet,” featuring iconic rapper Ghostface Killah and Autre Ne Veut, responsible […]

CURRENT: Autre Ne Veut – “On And On”

Autre Ne Veut’s February 2013 release Anxiety remains one of the year’s essential recordings, and now the good folks over at [adult swim] are offering up a new track from the singer as part of their now-annual Summer Singles Series. “On And On” is one of the more immediate singles he’s released, as “Counting” and “Play By […]

LIST: 40 Albums for 2013

2013’s first five months have given us so much great music that it’s hard to believe that over half of the year remains. And while it is rather difficult to keep up with the surplus of fantastic albums released weekly, with the summer upon us, now’s the time to perhaps dive into those albums you […]

Quarterly Report: Best Tracks of 2013

Generally speaking, major musical acts begin popping up with their newest records around this time of year. But with the new year, there’s a new approach popping up. Already we have heard the newest albums from heavyweight acts such as My Bloody Valentine (!), David Bowie (!!) and Justin Timberlake (!!!), as well as the […]