Incoming: Best New Artists of 2017


CARDI B Already a well-known commodity thanks to her presence on the now defunct Vine as well as Instagram, Cardi B’s profile hit a new level completely in 2017 when “Bodak Yellow” went all the way to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming the first woman with a rap song to land a solo number one single since Lauryn Hill did so with “Doo Wop (That Thing)” 20 years prior in 1997 in the process. And once the laziest music critics tried to ignite a Cardi B-Nicki Minaj feud, the artists teamed for another hit for the two formidable talents in “MotorSport,” the lead single from the Migos’ third studio album Culture 2. Continue reading “Incoming: Best New Artists of 2017”


N.E.R.D. and Rihanna make a “Lemon” look like an Escalade

While Pharrell Williams has remained a part of the public discourse this decade with some of the 2010’s best guest appearances as well as his own “Happy,” to the point where it was safe to wonder whether his influential, scene-breaking groups the Neptunes or N.E.R.D. would ever take center stage again. That all changed earlier this week when N.E.R.D. announced their return with “Lemon,” complete with a feature from Rihanna. Continue reading “N.E.R.D. and Rihanna make a “Lemon” look like an Escalade”

Predicting the 2018 Grammy Nominees

With the Grammy’s cut-off day passing on September 30, the field is set for this year’s nominating field. All songs and albums released between October 1, 2016 and September 30, 2017 are eligible for the February 2018 award ceremony. That is, any song or album submitted to the Recording Academy for consideration is eligible (see: Frank Ocean). In recent years, commercial performance has been a key indicator of an album’s chances at nominations, as the days of a Herbie Hancock or Joni Mitchell tribute album getting serious recognition grow rarer by the year. With the nominee unveiling coming a little over a month away, here are some predictions for the Grammy’s Big Four: Album, Record and Song of the Year, and Best New Artist. Continue reading “Predicting the 2018 Grammy Nominees”

Discover SASSY 009 with their excellent single “Are you leaving”

SASSY 009 is a trio hailing form Oslo, Norway, and with only two tracks to their name thus far, it’s futile to attempt to label the group’s sound or intent. That will change when their debut EP arrives in the beginning of November, but for now, we can enjoy the excellent new track “Are you leaving,” and there is certainly a lot to enjoy. Continue reading “Discover SASSY 009 with their excellent single “Are you leaving””

U.S. Girls return with urgency on “Mad As Hell”

You might not know it, but U.S. Girls released one of the best albums of 2015 with Half Free, an album that paired Shangri-Las-esque vocals with modern production values and settled on something unsettling, dark, and singular. After all, that album’s opening track featured the refrain, “I’m gonna hang myself, hang myself from my family tree.” Continue reading “U.S. Girls return with urgency on “Mad As Hell””

Post Malone is one of rap’s biggest hitmakers, and now he’s good

The rise of Post Malone has been gradual yet seismic; “White Iverson” was supposed to be his one-and-only hit single, and we certainly weren’t supposed to care about Post Malone once his press tour for Stoney, released some 15 months after “Iverson” became a viral – and actual – smash, ended. But something strange happened along the way. Continue reading “Post Malone is one of rap’s biggest hitmakers, and now he’s good”

Lorde invites her friends to make some “Homemade Dynamite” on the MELODRAMA single’s remix

“Homemade Dynamite” was already one of the most potent, economic pop songs this year, so it was easy to question how not one, or two, but three rising stars in pop, R&B and rap would feature on the song’s remix. Continue reading “Lorde invites her friends to make some “Homemade Dynamite” on the MELODRAMA single’s remix”