High Notes: The Week’s Best New Music

High Notes is a running segment highlighting the best new music from the past seven days. This week’s installment focuses on music released from July 15 to July 21, 2018. Continue reading “High Notes: The Week’s Best New Music”


Mid-Year Report: The 10 Best Albums of 2018



Black Panther OST

Various Artists

Most major motion picture soundtracks fall victim to special interests, the bottomline that any life the songs once may have had are sucked out of them. We had reason to believe the soundtrack to Black Panther would be different, thanks to Kendrick Lamar serving as executive producer, and with his trusted hands, the Black Panther OST does not disappoint. Having spawned two hit singles (“All the Stars” and “Pray For Me”) and an undying meme (“I freaked it”), it’s also one of the releases we’ll remember strongest from 2018. Continue reading “Mid-Year Report: The 10 Best Albums of 2018”