Demi Lovato’s “Sorry Not Sorry” is pure pop bliss

Demi Lovato grew up fast. While her contemporaries Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez built their image on bubbly, effervescent pop cuts, Lovato first broke out in a big way with the deeply personal, moving ballad “Skyscraper,” which detailed her time in a rehabilitation clinic. Given her past – and her triumph over her personal struggles – Lovato’s music has always had an edge to it. Think back to Demi‘s lead single “Heart Attack,” or Confident‘s “Cool for the Summer,” and you’ll hear an artist that’s as assured as she his razor-sharp. On her newest single – the first from her forthcoming, as-yet-untitled sixth studio album – Lovato loses none of her edge while somehow being her most casual on record. While the aforementioned previous lead singles projected a more serious image of Lovato, “Sorry Not Sorry” is a much more tongue-in-cheek affair. The track has the feel of an artist loosening up, fully embracing herself. We should thank her.


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