Lorde paints a masterpiece on “The Louvre”

From the beginning, Lorde has shown a deft ability to wring the drama, the poetry out of the smallest moments. Her new album, Melodrama, arrived this morning and is a masterful extension of the bedroom pop she made on her star making debut Pure Heroine. “The Louvre” is an immediate highlight, a song that recalls the wistfulness of “Ribs” but a lucidity that only comes with age. “Summer slipped us underneath her tongue,” Lorde colorfully begins, comparing the force of her and her lover to that of a drug. “A rush at the beginning,” she chants at the beginning of a chorus that recalls Heroine‘s serene “Still Sane” as she takes in all the complexities of a new romance. She gets possessive, starts overthinking, blows off old friends. But sparks have a way of blinding. “We’re the greatest, they’ll hang us in The Louvre. Down the back, but who cares – still The Louvre.” She’s where she wants to be, if only for a minute. And you can feel it with the way her heart goes “boom boom boom boom.”


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