HAIM return with the slow-burning “Right Now”

After teasing audiences with billboards and quick trailer videos, HAIM – the familial trio responsible for 2013’s outstanding Days Are Gone, return with the new single “Right Now.” As much as Days stand-outs “Falling,” “The Wire,” and the title-track tapped into a necessarily upbeat reservoir, the band pulls a 180 on “Now,” a song much more sly and understated in execution, all the while maintaining the band’s agency.

A processed drum loop and lingering synths put HAIM in an entirely new setting from the get-go, but as the song progresses, key elements of the band’s appeal pop up – from Alana Haim’s short, powerful electric guitar bursts to Danielle’s conversational vocal performances and Este’s complimentary backing vocals, her nimble bass playing and yes, bass drum face. But there’s a weight to “Right Now” that the band never really attempted to examine on their last LP, and it suits the band nicely. The accompanying Paul Thomas Anderson directed music video, a beautifully shot studio portrait of the band, drives home “Right Now”‘s gravitational pull; a dimly lit studio and a band absorbed by their music, and all the grief and release that comes with it.


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