Luke Reed resists sitting idle on the great “Watching TV”

Luke Reed released his debut LP Won’t Be There last summer to virtually no fanfare. The album appeared on Bandcamp without any prior notice; no prerelease singles, no artwork, nothing. Reed recently rereleased the 13-track album with an additional three songs and even some artwork. While initially falling through the cracks of the internet, Reed won’t slip past anyone’s radar this time.

Won’t Be There is a remarkably consistent effort, both in tone and execution. The sound hues heavily towards the The War on Drugs’ rolling expanse and Real Estate’s hypnotic repetitions, but with Reed’s even-keel vocals and confessional lyrics grounding those sounds within a new context. The whole thing is worth checking out – for your own price via Bandcamp – and an early standout is the six minute “Watching TV.” What begins as an understated, YHF-era-Wilco-indebted acoustic jingle gradually morphs into an arena-sized rocker, with a guitar solo that grows more impressive by the moment. By the end of “TV,” Reed proves he belongs. Soon enough, he won’t be watching tv. He’ll be playing on it.


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