HAIM return with the slow-burning “Right Now”

After teasing audiences with billboards and quick trailer videos, HAIM – the familial trio responsible for 2013’s outstanding Days Are Gone, return with the new single “Right Now.” As much as Days stand-outs “Falling,” “The Wire,” and the title-track tapped into a necessarily upbeat reservoir, the band pulls a 180 on “Now,” a song much more sly and […]

Luke Reed resists sitting idle on the great “Watching TV”

Luke Reed released his debut LP Won’t Be There last summer to virtually no fanfare. The album appeared on Bandcamp without any prior notice; no prerelease singles, no artwork, nothing. Reed recently rereleased the 13-track album with an additional three songs and even some artwork. While initially falling through the cracks of the internet, Reed won’t slip past […]

Melody’s Echo Chamber can’t be contained on new single “Cross My Heart”

After releasing a self-titled debut in 2012, Melody’s Echo Chamber has been pretty quiet since, only releasing a one-off single “Shrim” in 2014. But that changed yesterday with the announcement of Bon Voyage, her self-titled’s follow-up due later this year, and its excellent lead single “Cross My Heart.”

Jack Antonoff’s Bleachers is poised for a breakthrough with “Don’t Take the Money”

Jack Antonoff is still best known for his contributions to fun., but he’s quickly leaving just as big of a footprint as a songwriter and producer for artists including Grimes, Lorde and Taylor Swift, as well his own music as Bleachers.

Mary J. Blige teams up with Kanye West for her best single in years, “Love Yourself”

As long as it’s been since Mary J. Blige was a staple on Top 40 and R&B radio stations, her legacy has remained unscathed. It’s been six years since she scored a top 10 hit on the R&B charts – and it’s been even longer since a MJB track hit the Hot 100’s top 40. Ten […]