Lorde is full steam ahead on new single “Green Light”

It’s hard to believe it’s been four years since Lorde, the then 16 year old from New Zealand, took the music world by storm with Pure Heroine, one of the decade’s most brilliant debuts. That album catapulted her to A-list status, and recently she began teasing new music. The promotion came to a fruition Thursday with the release of “Green Light” and announcement of Melodrama, her second LP due this summer. On “Green Light,” Lorde is still Lorde, and that means she’s still evolving. You heard it from The Love Club EP’s bubbly frills to Pure Heroine‘s acute sensibilities, and here she only keeps progressing. “Light” fades in with Lorde putting makeup in someone else’s car and asserting someone she knows to be a “damn liar.” Her vocal is more confrontational than it’s been before while lyrically she remains singularly compelling, never compromised. As the chorus explodes to chants of “that green light, I want it,” it’s never been more clear Lorde is already on the throne.


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