Kendrick Lamar’s “HUMBLE.” is anything but

That didn’t take a long. A week after dropping his first new track in a year, Kendrick Lamar is back with a powerful one-two punch of a song and music video. Continue reading “Kendrick Lamar’s “HUMBLE.” is anything but”


Slowdive ease back into form with “Sugar for the Pill”

Three years ago, Slowdive joined a long line of revived 90s groups traversing the tour circuit, and their place was hardly cemented. While revered during their heyday, it can be difficult for a band such as Slowdive to find their footing in a different social climate. Yet they make it look remarkably easy with new single “Sugar for the Pill,” their second track released from their forthcoming self-titled set, the first new Slowdive album in 22 years. Continue reading “Slowdive ease back into form with “Sugar for the Pill””

Vince Staples hits the stratosphere on his Gorillaz collaboration “Ascension”

Gorillaz returned late last week with not one new track, but four new tracks from the forthcoming Humanz. D.R.A.M., Jenny Beth, Noel Gallagher and Pop’caan are all featured on the newly released cuts, but the standout track features the consistently great Vince Staples. Continue reading “Vince Staples hits the stratosphere on his Gorillaz collaboration “Ascension””

Future Islands burrow inward on new single “Cave”

Dan Herring and the rest of the Future Islands crew reached their commercial and critical peak with the release of 2014’s great Singles, featuring the timeless “Seasons (Waiting on You).” While it would be impossible for any band to reach higher ground than Future Islands did three years ago, the band doesn’t hold back on new single “Cave.” Continue reading “Future Islands burrow inward on new single “Cave””

Kendrick Lamar beats at his own pace on “The Heart Pt. 4”

Quick question: when’s the last time Kendrick Lamar wasn’t the best rapper alive? Sure, other rappers have had bigger hits, and others have pushed the genre to unimaginable places, but none have displayed the presence, the gravitas of Kendrick Lamar over the course of his past three studio albums, along with his overlooked 2011 mixtape Section.80. Continue reading “Kendrick Lamar beats at his own pace on “The Heart Pt. 4””

Young Thug shines with his MORE LIFE features on “Sacrifices” & “Ice Melts”

I’m not sure when Young Thug became the most exciting voice in rap, but we’re here now. What began in 2011 with his I Came From Nothing series started to blossom as early as 2013 with the seminal 1017 Thug mixtape, while the next year’s Tha Tour, Pt. 1 collaboration with Rich Homie Quan and Birdman cemented him as a main attraction in rap circles. He’s only grown more adventurous and daring since, his 2015-16 run with Barter 6Slime Season 12, and 3I’m Up and Jeffrey being particularly dizzying in its consistency, but also for Thugger’s hyperactive, eccentric presence. But despite his eccentricities, he’s always remained in control of his persona, using his evolving state to challenge his audience, constantly keep listeners on their toes. Continue reading “Young Thug shines with his MORE LIFE features on “Sacrifices” & “Ice Melts””