HNDRXX highlights “Incredible,” “Selfish” prove Future’s range

Fresh off his self-titled LP’s release, Future is back with his second project in as many weeks. HNDRXX finds Future operating within his own strain of R&B, and the album’s best cuts are a far from the Future of “March Madness,” or even “Draco.” On early highlight “Incredible,” Future has his very own “Hold On, We’re Going Home” moment, if you will. The slinky, billowing beat houses Future at a euphoric high, getting rid of his trust issues, “havin’ way better luck since you.” It’s an unexpected, welcomed display from the self-describe “monster,” a sweet, affectionate track to remind us Future’s operating from a different planet.

Near the end of HNDRXX arrives the show-stopping Rihanna duet “Selfish,” a song that builds to a rousing climax as the two trade vulnerable, connected vocals. It’s the pair’s second collaboration, the other being the seemingly overlooked (yet great) “Loveeeeeee Song” off Rihanna’s Unapologetic (2012) and builds on that one’s effective chemistry. These two tracks are worlds removed from the Future we’ve known the past few years, subverting expectations, building new ones in their place. You can practically feel his halo. 

HNDRXX is out now via Apple Music.


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