The Mountain Goats submit to the inevitable on “Andrew Eldritch is Moving Back to Leeds”

As an original member of The Sisters of Mercy, Andrew Eldritch is closely connected to goth subculture, a fact he’s made clear in the past he isn’t too fond of. But beyond that, Eldritch stands out as a nonconformist, a truly singular persona. For the excellent first single from their new album Goths, the Mountain Goats namecheck Eldritch in an ode to submitting to the unavoidable, how “even the best of us comes back some day.” The song’s uptempo beat and uplifting chords mask a bleak and mundane John Darnielle, who sings of a “concrete storage space,” hiding things “no one will even steal it if you leave it by the door.” “Nobody ever gets away,” Darnielle reminds us on the chorus, moments before Eldritch retreats back to his hometown. There isn’t much light at the end of this tunnel, but then again, when was there ever?

Goths is out May 19 via Merge.


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