PWR BTTM arrive on a “Big Beautiful Day”

There’s no mistaking who PWR BTTM are. Drawing a line in the sand with their name alone, the duo – established when Liv Bruce and Ben Hopkins met at Bard University – is among our most unapologetically, explicitly queer musical acts in quite some time. While there are plenty of active gay musicians, and musicians that champion gay rights, none harness the two in such a brilliant, potent manner as PWR BTTM does on “Big Beautiful Day.” The song confronts a certain section of the populace – the alt-right, if you will – who go out of there way to tell queer individuals the various ways they’re living wrong. “Curse that motherfucker who would spit upon another’s body,” begins the soaring chorus. “Who the hell gave you the right to tell me that I’m wrong,” they pointedly jab. “Big Beautiful Day” is vital because of its embrace of confrontation, disregard for conformity. “Ain’t no fucking way you’ll fuck up my big beautiful day,” they finish the chorus. As “Day” points out, there’s no getting rid of the haters. Fortunately, there’s no getting rid of this young duo’s strength, either.


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