HNDRXX highlights “Incredible,” “Selfish” prove Future’s range

Fresh off his self-titled LP’s release, Future is back with his second project in as many weeks. HNDRXX finds Future operating within his own strain of R&B, and the album’s best cuts are a far from the Future of “March Madness,” or even “Draco.” Advertisements

Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean and Migos will “Slide” straight to the top of the charts with their new collaborative single

It’s increasingly rare to see Frank Ocean in this setting, a top 40 single with a pulsating electronic beat, a song designed more for the dance floor than the bedroom floor (where I’ve done all my Blonde listening, incidentally).

Arca will get under your skin on “Piel”

Arca’s devastating new single, the first from his new self-titled album due later this year, is an unflinching soundscape for the Venezuelan producer. After collaborating with some of music’s most visually arresting artists – fka twigs, Björk and Kanye West – Arca burrows inward on “Piel,” his album’s Spanish-language opening track.

The Mountain Goats submit to the inevitable on “Andrew Eldritch is Moving Back to Leeds”

As an original member of The Sisters of Mercy, Andrew Eldritch is closely connected to goth subculture, a fact he’s made clear in the past he isn’t too fond of. But beyond that, Eldritch stands out as a nonconformist, a truly singular persona. For the excellent first single from their new album Goths, the Mountain Goats […]

FUTURE standouts “Draco” + “Mask Off” find Future hitting on all cylinders

Near the end of 2016, long after best-of lists were published and the narratives surrounding the year’s prominent musicians had cemented, Future quietly released what turned out to be his best song of the year, the sparkling, K-Ci and JoJo sampling “Buy Love.” That song was the antithesis to the music Future released for the […]

James Mercer gets autobiographical on the Shins’ charming new single “Mildenhall”

With Heartworms only weeks away from seeing release, the Shins have released the third pre-release single from their fifth studio album. “Mildenhall” follows “Dead Alive” and “Name For You,” and finds Mercer harkening back to his Oh, Inverted World and Chutes Too Narrow days.

PWR BTTM arrive on a “Big Beautiful Day”

There’s no mistaking who PWR BTTM are. Drawing a line in the sand with their name alone, the duo – established when Liv Bruce and Ben Hopkins met at Bard University – is among our most unapologetically, explicitly queer musical acts in quite some time. While there are plenty of active gay musicians, and musicians that champion gay […]