Missy Elliott still has something to prove with “I’m Better,” featuring Lamb

Missy Elliott has always been ahead of the curve. So, it’s a bit jarring to hear her ride the wave of minimalist trap beats on her newest single, “I’m Better,” featuring newcomer Lamb in a prominent guest spot. But where the beat is all sinister tones and icy precision, Missy Elliott casually sits above it all. If anything, Elliott’s indifferent tone mostly recalls the more subdued moments of Beyoncé’s last two releases – all the confidence and sensuality those tracks suggest. For an artist that made it big on songs such as “Get Ur Freak On,” “Work It,” and “Lose Control,” “I’m Better” has the feeling of one long tease. While you wait for the beat to collapse unto itself, Missy Elliott is making sure the whole thing stays together. There’s an undeniable confidence Elliott brings to “I’m Better” that gives the song the push it needs to transform from an understated track to a large statement in its own right.

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