Dirty Projectors are at their most adventurous “Up In Hudson”

Dave Longstreth and Dirty Projectors ended their long silence late last year with the challenging “Keep Your Name,” a song that had fans equally elated and puzzled. “Little Bubble” followed earlier this year, and while that song fell more in line with previous Dirty Projectors albums, their newest – “Up In Hudson” – is the sound of an artist taking two steps back in order to make a giant leap forward. While the production is characteristically busy and frantic, Longstreth is at his most candid lyrically. The song is a consideration of his relationship with one-time band member and romantic partner Amber Coffman, from the moment they first met to his own imagination of where she’s at now – at Echo Park listening to Tupac, in case you were wondering. But the song is never cruel or self-pitying, as Longstreth uses the rather conventional arc to deploy an adventurous instrumental, one that deftly connects to the urgency with which these memories reappear. Because even though “love will just fade away,” everything left in its wake firmly, defiantly remains.


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