Solange rises above on “Cranes in the Sky”

I’ve already written words on the great Solange album A Seat at the Table, but today I wanted to highlight a song that’s quickly becoming one of my personal favorites. “Cranes in the Sky” stuns by the sheer magnitude of its beauty and honesty. “I tried to drink it away,” Solange frankly sings at the open, diving in headfirst on a song about escaping demons, her own and those socially constructed. Drinking failed her, as did dancing, as did sex, as did breaking up. It turns out escaping, blocking out those demons is a lost cause; there’s only one way to wash them away. As the song reaches its finale, Solange reaches deep into her vocal register and delivers a soul-piercing falsetto. “It’s like cranes in the sky,” sings Solange on the chorus, “sometimes I don’t want to feel those metal clouds.” By the end of “Cranes in the Sky,” she rises above even those metal clouds. She’s out of her cage and ready to fly.

Listen to “Cranes in the Sky” via Apple Music.

Update: And now, “Cranes in the Sky” has its very own music video, directed by Alan Ferguson. Watch below:


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