“Ain’t It Funny” is Danny Brown distilled to his core

Atrocity Exhibition arrived a few days before its official release date, and the album is as perfect as even the most optimistic Danny Brown supporter could have expected it to be. Through one listen, “Ain’t It Funny” not only stands out as the album’s best song, but up there with the best songs DB has blessed with his voice. Brown feels right at home riding the synthetic, propulsive beat, one that grows in intensity throughout the song’s brief run time. The song hones in on all the things Danny Brown does so well – his curt, concise verses, his confident wail, the forward-thinking instrumental – they are all here, yet none of it has sounded quite like this.

Paul White is the DJ Mustard to Danny Brown’s YG, a long-gestating musical pairing hitting their apex on Exhibition. His production here is somehow just as frenetic, chaotic as what’s going on inside Brown’s own head. Brown blows through his three verses, all while White’s production swirls, chugs ahead in all its synth-driven glory. “Ain’t it funny how it happen,” raps Brown on the hook, yet no one is laughing. We’re busy trying to catch our breath.

Listen to “Ain’t It Funny” via Spotify:

Atrocity Exhibition is out now.



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