Merchandise goes in an exciting new direction on “Right Back to the Start”

The last two weeks have been responsible for an insane amount of great new music. And while Cymbals Eat Guitars and Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam are both worthy recipients of the “Album of the Week” title, the good music doesn’t stop there. This past Friday, September 23, Merchandise released their third album, and at least to these ears, it’s their best album yet. You can hear their inspired take on 80s goth, post-punk, and new wave throughout A Corpse Wired for Sound (an excellent album title by the way). While my personal favorite from the disc remains “Lonesome Sound,” a deep cut on the album offers the furthest deviation from the norm for the Tampa, Florida outfit. “Right Back to the Start” is a synth-pop gem, a track the recalls prime-Depeche Mode but is far from being reductive. Carson Cox’s vocals are pained, a longing emanates from his vocals. “I’m running right back to the start,” croons Cox, and from the sound of the track, he’s also starting from scratch.

A Corpse Wired for Sound is out now.

Listen to “Right Back to the Start” via Apple Music.

Or Spotify (track 3):


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