AlunaGeorge’s “Full Swing” drops like an anvil

AlunaGeorge first broke onto the scene based off the strength off their singles “You Know You Like It” and “Just a Touch,” songs that blurred the line between electro-pop and R&B in new, interesting ways. For the follow-up to 2013’s Body Music, AlunaGeorge have produced a full-blown pop album, one that rivals those by A-listers. The album opens with the thrilling “Full Swing,” a hardened banger that is lifted by Aluna Francis’ featherlight vocals. The song is aided by a vibrant, brisk verse by New Orleans-born rapper Pell, but it’s the full-bodied instrumental that takes center stage. George Reid’s production matches hi-hat drums with watery synths, pitch-shifted vocals with grimy, deep horn blares. It’s a lot to take in, but it all gels together for one of I Remember‘s biggest highlights. “You got my body in full swing,” sings Francis, never once letting go of that forward momentum.

I Remember is out now. Listen to “Full Swing” here.


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