Danny Brown throws a change-up on “Rolling Stone”

Atrocity Exhibition is one of the year’s few remaining albums to get really hyped for (see also: 22, A Million and Dear Tommy), even more so since we heard the songs “Pneumonia” and “When It Rain,” and now “Rolling Stone,” featuring Petite Noir on the hook. Gone is the industrial clatter from those two preceding singles, and in its place is a more fluid, organic production, something you could hear coming from the same headspace as To Pimp a Butterfly. It’s a thrilling new direction for Danny Brown, while fitting perfectly in-line with everything that’s come before it. “I’m living like a rolling stone, but don’t feel for me,” sings Petite Noir during the chorus. Danny Brown was meant to be on the move.

Atrocity Exhibition is out September 30 via Warp. Listen to the premiere of “Rolling Stone” at NPR. The song begins at 26:09.


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