Mykki Blanco unveils the thunderous “My Nene,” featuring Woodkid

Mykki is the official major label debut LP from Mykki Blanco, and is out this Friday. Ahead of the album’s release later this week, Blanco unleashes “My Nene,” a track somehow both thunderous and understated. Woodkid produces, and hones in on his defining qualities – cavernous drums, deep echoes, propulsive churn – all while taking a backseat to Blanco’s thrilling vocal performance. On the hook, Mykki’s sly, beckoning the object of his his affection. During the verses, he loses his inhibitions, growing more and more incensed – “Missed call, who the fuck is Chris?” – before coming back to a wail fit for a Prince. His versatility shines through most, each voice and iteration as real and honest as the last. As “My Nene” proves, try as you might, but there’s no caging Mykki Blanco. He won’t fit in your box.

Listen here: Mykki Blanco – “My Nene”


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