Touché Amoré unleashes the powerful “Rapture”

Touché Amoré releases the cathartic, visceral Stage Four this Friday, an album that chronicles lead singer Jeremy Bolm’s emotions during his mother’s battle with cancer. “Rapture” is the latest song released ahead of the album, and is as powerful and uncompromising as anything you’ll hear this year. Bolm’s vocals are understandably unhinged, unfiltered as he processes his deep personal loss in real time. “Like a wave, like the rapture, something you love is gone, someone you love is gone,” he shouts, to no one in particular, to the only person who can’t respond. As heavy as “Rapture” is vocally, the instruments behind him are surprisingly nimble and fluid, giving listeners something to hook on to. “I was comfortable,” sings Bolm at one point, pushing us out of our comfort zone, too. “Rapture” is all scorched earth and warm blood, as Bolm devastatingly puts it, “the damage done / the damage won.” This is a rallying cry for those left behind, waiting for the next wave.

Stage Four is out September 16 via Epitaph.


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