Cakes Da Killa is ready for his close-up on “Talkin’ Greezy”

Cakes Da Killa is part of a larger group of visible queer rappers – also including Juliana Huxtable, Le1f, and Mykki Blanco – and is gearing up for the release of his official debut LP this fall. The lead single from Hedonism, “Talkin’ Greezy,” doesn’t shy away from sexuality. But that is perhaps the least interesting aspect of “Greezy” – a full-bodied, slinky, at times both hypnotic and subversive track that proves Cakes Da Killa to be not-so-easily defined as a “gay rapper.” As great as it is to support, recognize undervalued, marginalized groups, it’s still a struggle for these groups to enter into a broader conversation. Instead of being relegated to a novelty act, a member of a micro trend in rap, “Talkin’ Greezy” is one of the best demonstrations and acknowledgments yet that – despite the descriptors, labels, superlatives – at his core, Cakes Da Killa  is a force to be reckoned with in rap circles, small or large. You can call this his coming out party.

Hedonism is out October 21 via Ruffians/Thirty Tigers.


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