Young Dolph and Boosie BadAzz get right to the point on the banger “In My System”

The best rap songs are all about the art of storytelling. Recently, artists such as YG and Kendrick Lamar have perfected the art, and in the past, artists like Tupac, Notorious B.I.G. and OutKast all engrossed listeners with their vivid storytelling. Young Dolph knows this lineage, and the opening track of the recently released Rich Crack Baby deftly operates on the line between club banger and storyteller. “In My System” has a simple hook – “I got cocaine running through my motherfuckin’ system” – yet Dolph and Baton Rouge native Boosie BadAzz populate the hardened track with enough personality and specificities to help it transcend its basic hook. “I clocked in when I was 12 and never clocked out,” raps Dolph at one point, before pointedly rapping, “Tell me what you was doin’ when you was 2, nigga / Did you know what was a straight shooter, nigga?” After being born into a narcotic lifestyle – like the best storytelling – Dolph finds redemption. “Mom and daddy, they doin’ good now / Nowadays they tellin’ me stay out the hood now,” raps Dolph on the third verse as the script flips. As much as they want to keep him out, it’s already in his system.

Listen to Rich Crack Baby via Apple Music.


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