2016 VMAs: Beyoncé has no peers

Dissecting the 2016 MTV VMAs biggest winners and losers.



Watching a replay of Beyoncé’s epic performance at the 2016 MTV VMAs – where she performed a medley of cuts from the excellent Lemonade – I’m hard pressed to think of a comparison that does her justice. First, I likened her to Steph Curry draining 3s, but even he isn’t hitting 100% of his shots. Her B.F.F. Serena Williams? As far ahead of the pack as she is, she still loses a game here and there. No, her dominance is more like watching Usain Bolt sprint into a pool and then turn into Katie Ledecky for the final 100m. And then, when they got to the podium, instead of standing on it, they smashed it with a Louisville Slugger.

Sunday night was the latest example that Beyoncé – like another sporting great, LeBron James – isn’t competing against her peers as much as she is the legendary acts she’s followed. Beyoncé was in such complete command of the stage Sunday night it relegated Rihanna to house band status, froze Britney and scared Taylor Swift from even showing up. As Beyoncé finished her spectacular performance with a rousing rendition of “Formation,” her litany of back-up dancers fell to the floor in the symbol of Venus. Even with all her masterstrokes, she’s still capably of painting an even bigger picture – taking a cue from another member of her class. She’s the artist formerly known as Beyoncé. You can call her Queen.


Not Beyoncé

Better luck next year. (Although it will probably be all about Gaga.)

Watch Beyoncé’s Lemonade medley via MTV’s Facebook page.


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