Angel Olsen keeps raising the bar for herself on the outstanding “Sister”

My Woman is set for arrival next Friday, September 2, and Angel Olsen has already shared the stellar singles “Intern” and “Shut Up And Kiss Me.” A week-and-a-half before her new set drops, Olsen has let go of a third prerelease single, this one the epic, seven-plus minute “Sister.” While “Intern” was a left-field turn for Olsen, and “Kiss Me” was an explosive pop showcase, “Sister” is the closest we’ve gotten to old Angel Olsen, yet it’s clearer, stronger than anything from Burn Your Fire For No Witness and Half Way Home. The song has all the slow-building fire of a Velvet Underground track, and its explosive, multi-layered guitar solo finale is the cathartic release Olsen so desperately needs. “This blessing was a curse,” she sings early on about a failed relationship. Olsen feels a familial bond with the woman her lover’s moved on to, and it’s almost too much to take. “I want to die right / Next to you,” she sings directly before the guitars come in with a roar. “All my life I thought I’d change,” Olsen repeats at the song’s end, her voice left to answer itself. While she may be waiting for change, if “Sister” is any indication, Angel Olsen’s about to take matters into her own hands.


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