Anna of the North has a synth-pop gem on her hands with “Us”

It feels so long ago that bands such as Churches, Purity Ring and Xylos appeared on the scene, blurring the line between top 40 and indie pop, but its only been three years, less than we had to wait for Blonde. That line of pop-infused tracks has lost its critical clout as other micro-genres have popped up in the years since, so it’s refreshing to hear Anna of the North excavate that terrain on “Us.” The song is 2012 in a time capsule – its bubbly, slightly tropical beat, the innocent, distant vocal, the pitch-shifted “us” vocal – sounding like it could have been played right alongside “Summerlong” and “The Mother We Share” on XMU. “Us” follows in those tracks’ wake, a glistening throwback with an even brighter future.


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