Watch Part One of Frank Ocean’s ‘Endless’ New Album

We knew to expect the unexpected, but even that was unexpected. Frank Ocean dropped a visual, definitely-not-Boys-Don’t-Cry album late Thursday night, a precursor to a new audio(?) album purportedly coming this weekend. It’s all very fluid and confusing at the moment, and it will probably be later rather than sooner that we get any clarity, but for now, Endless is a lovely, formless and sketched-in thing, something that fits perfectly into Ocean’s DIY-aesthetic. This new collection of material features contributions from Jonny Greenwood, Jazmine Sullivan, Sampha, James Blake and more and begins with his cover of “At Your Best.” It’s certainly hard to put stock into Endless at the moment, but as it stands now, it’s a decidedly minor key in relation to the major channel ORANGE. I’m hard pressed to think of another living artist who could release material the way Ocean did last night. It just goes to show how sensational the anticipation for Ocean’s LP is that we all stopped what we were doing last night (most likely forgoing sleep) to watch him construct a spiral staircase. Whatever happens next, it will certainly be unexpected. Considering it’s Frank Ocean we’re talking about, that’s the only thing we can reasonably expect.

Watch/Listen to Endless here.


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