Danny Brown is sick with “Pneumonia”

Atrocity Exhibition is the much anticipated new album from rapper Danny Brown, already responsible for the essentials The HybridXXX, and Old. But even his past work is no preparation for the – for a lack of a better word – atrocity that is “Pneumonia.” It sounds like mayhem and obliteration, with Evian Christ’s pummeling instrumental matched only by Brown’s barbed-wire delivery. “Made 30 bands in 30 minutes,” begins the hook. “Before I count it I done damn near spent it,” he finishes with complete disregard. And why not? He started from the bottom but now he’s “looking’ like a nigga that would thank God.” A bit earlier – as Christ’s beat melts and morphs into something else – Brown describes a scene reminiscent of Bourbon St. during Mardi Gras. “She celebrate like the world end,” he raps. If “Pneumonia” is a sign of what’s to come, it just might.

Atrocity Exhibition is out September 30 via Warp.


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