“In a Black Out” shines because of its all-star pairing

Hamilton Laithauser and Rostam Batmanglij are no strangers to critical or commercial success – both the Walkmen and Vampire Weekend are among the least impeachable bands since Y2K. Thinking back on it, the feeling was about the same when the Walkmen announced they were splitting as it did when Rostam told us all earlier this year he was leaving VW. When ex-Walkmen frontman Laithauser and Rostam teamed up earlier this year for what at the time was considered a one-off, it was a wonderful pairing of two of indie rocks brightest minds. If “A 1000 Times” sounded more like a Laithauser solo track, the newly released “In a Black Out” finds the two on equal ground, and is a reason to be excited for I Had a Dream That You Were Mine not only because of the parts that make up the whole, but because the artists themselves have something to say. On “Black Out,” Laithauser and Rostam make their clearest statement yet as a musical partnership, one that shifts expectations going forward and reaffirms the artists’ well-known strengths.

Stream “In a Black Out” via Apple Music.


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