“He The Colossus” marks the vascular core of Wild Beasts’ new album

From Limbo, Panto to Two Dancers to Smother to Present Tense to this, Wild Beasts’ arc has shown the band to be much more aggressive, muscular than their lighter, sensual first few records. Boy King was led off by early tracks such as “Big Cat” and “Get My Bang,” sleek bangers that unearthed an unseen dimension of the band. The whole album is now available on Apple Music, and at the center of the album is the confident, tight-gripped “He The Colossus.” As the name suggests, the song is a behemoth, a maximalist thing that builds over the course of its four-minute runtime. The closing minute in particular is something to behold, full of churning guitars and Hayden Thorpe’s crystalline delivery. Wild Beasts open up their sound on Boy King, and “He The Colossus” represents the moment we fully understand their power.

Listen to “He The Colossus” via Apple Music.


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