How To Dress Well looks for clarity on “Lost Youth/Lost You”

Every since he emerged on the scene in the midst of the alt-R&B takeover, Tom Krell (aka How To Dress Well) has stood out as the micro-genre’s bleeding, beating heart. From Love Remains to Total Loss to “What Is This Heart?”, How To Dress Well’s music has always been gorgeous, but also an emotional rollercoaster. That’s not to say the lead single from the upcoming Care is not pathos-driven (it is), but it’s safe to say Krell is as optimistic here as he’s ever been. “I think I know what love is now,” he sings on the chorus, attempting to look at things from the sunny side. “But then the second that I open my mouth / I want to change my heart again,” he sings, backing down. It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks. But at least this one is trying.


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