CURRENT: The Avalanches – “The Wozard of Iz”

The Avalanches’ made good on a decade and a half of waiting when they released the glorious, colorful Wildflower earlier this month. Buried within the 20+ track album is the fantastic, whimsical “The Wozard of Iz,” named after the 1968 electronic album from Mort Garlson. The song includes a sample of Tommy James & The Shondells’ “Lost In Your Eyes,” repurposing the high-pitched vocal and choral chants into something even more surreal here. Danny Brown shows up midway – and while it’s during the meeting with the man behind the curtain in the video, it totally feels like her coming home to Kansas – for a verse that plants the song back in reality, even after blunt after blunt and pill after pill. “The Wozard of Iz” is just a small glimpse behind the curtain of what the Avalanches do so well, but for a song clocking in a just over three minutes, it takes you on one hell of a journey.

Wildflower is out now.


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