Thoughts on Britney Spears’ best single since “Gimme More”

Fans have been waiting with baited breath for new Britney Spears music since Britney Jean fizzled and “Pretty Girls” washed ashore DOA. Having not scored a transcendent hit since President Obama’s first term, “Make Me” finds Spears back on top with another pristine pop statement, this one a little more weathered, a little more mature. Never mind the fact G-Eazy – perfect for radio programmers who now believe Macklemore is too “woke” – shows up for a forgettable verse. By the time he enters stage left, people have already begun their standing ovation. The downtempo jam recalls recent singles from Selena Gomez (“Good For You”), Demi Lovato (“Body Say”) and Rihanna (“Kiss It Better”); it naturally progressing Spears from the Adult Contemporary sounds of Britney Jean, mixing those sonics with the clinical electronic precision of Femme Fatale. “Make Me” is better than a Britney Spears single should be in 2016, and should be her biggest hit since “I Wanna Go” if radio programmers get rid of their ageist, sexist leanings. But even if “Make Me” doesn’t become her biggest hit this decade, we can sleep sound knowing it’s most certainly her best.


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