CURRENT: Jamila Woods – “LSD” [ft. Chance The Rapper]

Soon enough, Jamila Woods is going to be known for her own work, and not as the great “Sunday Candy” and “Blessings” vocalist. Her album HEAVN is coming out July 11, and following the glowing title-track comes this Chance The Rapper-assisted cut. The “LSD” Woods sings about isn’t the substance but Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive, and her connection to the locale provides the track with enormous warmth, and a hardened shell. “I won’t let you criticize my city / Like my skin, it’s so pretty / If you don’t like it just leave it alone,” she sings in defense of her city, of her skin. Chance The Rapper’s presence continues the artist’s case for 2016’s music MVP, yet he’s here solely to assist Woods – to bask in the glow her music provides. By the end of this newest single, “soon enough” becomes “starting now.”


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