CURRENT: YG – “Police Get Away wit Murder”

While I’m still digesting YG’s Still Brazy, released late Tuesday night, one thing is clear: YG isn’t afraid to speak his truths, and the truths of many within his community. After the privatized My Krazy Life, YG opens up the narrative and allows space for other stories, other reactions. The adjusted template gives way to YG’s most political work to date, and Brazy‘s closing track, “Police Get Away wit Murder” is the politically charged song its title makes clear. “We put our hands up and they still shoot, motherfucker,” he passionately asserts at one point, a claim that’s been drilled into our heads with the countless stories of police shooting unarmed black men. Later, YG reaches his limit and takes matters into his own hands when he protests “we don’t give a fuck” on the hook. Yet from the sound of his voice, he clearly gives a damn.

Still Brazy is out now.


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