NEW MUSIC: YG – Still Brazy

For rap fans, YG’s 2014 album My Krazy Life serves as a 21st century landmark of rap still being an important, essential part of our musical vocabulary. That album was as cohesive as a Kendrick Lamar release, with as many jams as a Lil Wayne circa 2008 album. Halfway through Still Brazy – his follow-up (out this Friday) – and it’s clear YG has only grown more muscular and confident. The beats hit just as hard, while being a bit more subversive than their straightforward counterparts on Life. And YG raps as if he knows he’s standing on top of gold, with all the security that entails. I’m not sure if he’s ever met Kanye West (he probably has), but he’s still unlikely to fail. Still Brazy is the sound of an artist turning his fifteen minutes into something more permanent, doubling down on himself and winning the house.

Listen to Still Brazy exclusively at Apple Music.


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