CURRENT: Bat For Lashes – “Joe’s Dream (Don’t Say Goodbye)”

Natasha Khan returns next month with The Bride, her first LP as Bat For Lashes since The Haunted Man (2012). So far, she’s unveiled “I Do,” “In God’s House,” and “Sunday Love.” Now, she’s shared a fourth prerelease single, the arresting “Joe’s Dream (Don’t Say Goodbye)”. The album follows the linear story of Khan as the titular Bride, whose fiancé is killed in a car accident on the way to their wedding ceremony. As the album’s second title, “Joe’s Dream” is the moment right after the final cheerful, blissful moments for the Bride (“I Do”), when she learns of her lover’s death. The song is as somber as the moment would suggest, and Khan’s vocals – at times gravelly and earthly, other times angelic and otherworldly – is a beautiful thing to behold. “What does it mean, the bad things I’ve seen,” she whispers in the song’s closing frames, leaving the question to linger in the mist.

The Bride is out July 1.


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