CURRENT: Drake – “4PM in Calabasas”

“4PM in Calabasas” shows just how effortless it is for Drake to cut incisive, exacting rap verses, a trait he’s shown previously on tracks “0 to 100/The Catch Up” and “Worst Behavior,” to name two. Critics of the recently released Views pointed to the album’s runtime and downtempo segments, and here Drake gives those critics something to add to their collection of best Drake rap songs. He even cribs “The Message” at one point, just for the hell of it. “All you self-promotors are janky,” he so Drake-ly begins, before (allegedly) turning an eye towards constant punching bag Meek Mill, as well as Diddy – who went after Drake over the beat for “0 to 100.” As inspired as Drake sounds, he sounds just as bored. Another day, another response needed. And after all, it’s 4PM in Calabasas and Drake’s busy dining on Rosé and calamari. If you need him, you know where he’ll be. Enjoying the view.

Stream “4PM in Calabasas” via Apple Music Connect.


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