CURRENT: Ariana Grande – “Bad Decisions”

Throughout the course of Dangerous Woman, Ariana Grande escapes the shadows of her childhood fame and delivers a mature, forward-thinking yet present pop album, one that all but ensures her star will stay lit for the next few years.While Grande’s pre-release singles looked like a parade of the entire album, featuring “Dangerous Woman,” “Be Alright,” “Into You,” “Let Me Love You,” “Everyday,” “Side to Side,” and “Greedy,” it turns out the pop-superstar saved her best for the album’s release date. Throughout my spins of Dangerous Woman, the one track that constantly stops me in my tracks is “Bad Decisions.” The song features Grande’s most acrobatic vocal performance on Woman, with a production that is just as indestructible as the swagger Grande brings to the plate. “Ain’t you ever seen a princess be a bad bitch,” taunts the singer at one point. She might be making bad decisions, but it certainly feels good.

Dangerous Woman is available now. Stream “Bad Decisions” on Apple Music.


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