CURRENT: Jessy Lanza – “Never Enough”

Buried amidst all the great new music being released the past few weeks is Jessy Lanza’s stellar synth-pop album Oh No, already home to one of the year’s best singles in “It Means I Love You.” The new set is loaded with moments like “I Love You” – it’s pop music with left-field influences. One of the album’s best tracks is “Never Enough,” a buoyant, insistent statement that recalls the genius of Madonna-era Madonna. Lanza laments a lover’s rejection on “Never Enough” – repeating “It’s not enough, it’s never enough” on the chorus – but is certain the fault lies with the subject of her attention. “You know I give it all,” she pointedly sings. With Oh No and “Never Enough”, she proves that point time and time again.

Oh No is out now via Hyperdub. Stream the album via Apple Music. Or via Spotify, below.


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