CURRENT: Chance The Rapper – “No Problem” [ft. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz]

Chance The Rapper finally unveiled the follow-up to his great 2013 mixtape Acid Rap last night, and Coloring Book is as apt a title in 2016, as Chance fills inside and outside the lines in his trademark exuberant tone. Perhaps that’s what makes “No Problem” the winning track it is; Chance hijacks his own chorus to sing “you don’t want no problem” over a beat that sounds as if it were created in a children’s playground and pitch-shifted. Lil Wayne is as lucid as he’s been in some time, proving he remains a compelling force within the genre. With “No Problem,” Chance and co. were given an outline of a good rap song; now The Rapper and his collaborators have colored in the lines, creating something entirely recognizable yet unique to their voices.

Coloring Book is out now via Apple Music. Stream “No Problem” here.


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