CURRENT: Chromatics – “Headlight’s Glare”

With the surplus of new music that has come out in the past few weeks, I won’t lie – I forgot how much I anticipated Chromatics’ new album Dear Tommy originally slated for release in time for Valentine’s Day … 2015. The follow-up to the masterful Kill For Love is still being perfected/in purgatory, but Johnny Jewel satiates his fans cravings with this one-off reworking of Kill For Love closing track “The River.” “Headlight’s Glare” condenses “The River” by three-plus minutes, adding a slick beat under Ruth Radelet’s vape-filled vocals. For a band purposefully taking their time between album releases, “Headlight’s Glare” is a welcome reminder that Chromatics are still here, and in this case using their past as a channel to the future. There’s a light out on the horizon, and the glare is only getting brighter.

“Headlight’s Glare” is featured on the Cherry 12″, which also features “Candy,” “At Your Door,” and “Ceremony” featuring Ida No.


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