CURRENT: Ariel Pink & Puro Instinct – “In The Force” [Rexy Cover]

Samantha Urbani’s new imprint URU is overseeing the reissue of the 1981 cult-classic Running Out Of Time by Rexy. Listening to the album, it becomes apparent how in-tune with current music trends Rexy’s only album is – it feels as unrestrained to genre trends as today’s best pop music does. Ariel Pink is a poster child for left-field pop these days, and he teams up with Puro Instinct for a cover of Time cut “In The Force.” The song’s simplicity is its biggest charm, with Pink and Piper and Skylar Kaplan trading lines in a version that channels the same connection between childlike wonderment and militaristic strength conveyed in the original. Ariel Pink and Puro Instinct largely play it straight on their cover of “In The Force” – but in the world of Rexy, playing it straight means throwing a curveball.

The reissue of Running out of Time is out now.


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