CURRENT: Marissa Nadler – “Janie In Love”

Marissa Nadler returns May 20 with Strangers, and she recently released that album’s first single, “Janie In Love.” The song is as brooding and emotive as most others in her discography, but there’s an added heft to the song with its more forceful chorus. Marissa Nadler has made a career in in mixing beauty and sadness […]

CURRENT: Azealia Banks – “The Big Big Beat”

Way before Kanye West discovered the Twitter rant, Azealia Banks perfected it to an art form. While her tweet barrage may have ruined her chances at major stardom, she’s still responsible for the great Broke With Expensive Taste, and now “The Big Big Beat.” The song harnesses a house influence, with Banks as the glam queen […]

GRAMMY REPORT: No Alarms And No Surprises, Please

Highlighting three of the biggest parts of last night’s broadcast: THE PERFORMANCES There was a feeling right after Kendrick Lamar’s searing, life-affirming Grammy performance Monday night that the show had reached its peak. That feeling turned out to be an accurate one, as the night’s many overwrought and mismanaged “tributes” and collaborations brought the whole […]

CURRENT: Beyoncé – “Formation”

Beyoncé is set to join Coldplay at the Super Bowl 50 halftime show, and before the set she’s dropped the new single “Formation” with your typical stunning Yoncé visuals. The song shows Beyoncé celebrating and embracing her blackness more explicitly than ever. “I love my Negro nose with Jackson 5 nostrils,” she raps at one point, […]

CURRENT: Gallant – “Skipping Stones” [ft. Jhene Aiko]

Rising vocalist Gallant teams up with the already-there Jhene Aiko on one-off single “Skipping Stones.” Instead of being an island, “Stones” is a mountain of a track, as Gallant shows off some stunning vocals when he scales unforeseen heights on the chorus. Aiko is a force of stability, reminding us what a refreshing voice she is […]