After the whirlwind 2015 we experienced, I won’t lie, I was expecting a bit of a lull as the calendar turned to 2016. Boy, was I wrong. Kanye West released two new tracks (“Facts”, I’m ignoring you) and killed Wiz Khalifa in the process (only to have Amber Rose win the whole charade), David Bowie released what is now his last album, Blackstar, a week before his passing. Wolf Parade announced they’re coming back, while Rihanna finally did. So no, January didn’t give us any time to catch our breaths. What it did give us are these great new tracks.

Top Ten Tracks of January 2016

10. The Range – “Florida”

9. Future – “Inside The Mattress”

8. Matthew E. White – “Cool Out” [ft. Natalie Prass]

7. Iggy Pop – “Gardenia”

6. Jessy Lanza – “It Means I Love You”

5. Dawn Richard – “Not Above That”

4. Anderson .Paak – “Come Down”

3. Rihanna – “Higher”

2. David Bowie – “Dollar Days”

1. Kanye West – “No More Parties In L.A.” [ft. Kendrick Lamar]

Best Albums of January 2016

5. DJDS, Stand Up And Speak

4. Future, Purple Reign

3. Rihanna, ANTI

2. David Bowie, Blackstar

1. Anderson .Paak, Malibu

Here’s a Spotify playlist featuring 8 of the 10 tracks listed above. Rihanna’s “Higher” and Kanye West’s “No More Parties In L.A.” are unavailable on the streaming service at this time.

And here’s a running playlist of all the songs worth playing in 2016:


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